Culture | February 05, 2018



Bitcoin is now a legitimate form of payment at Starbucks, the source of 50 Cent’s wealth, and apparently, an actual variable in determining game difficulty.


Imperatum is an action RPG based in a sci-fi universe. Playing as an agent, your role is to discover the source of the mysterious veil that is consuming the game world. Only one thing stands in the way of your mission: crypto-currency Bitcoin’s fluctuating value.


Still there?




As the price of Bitcoin surges, enemies become more difficult to defeat and better loot is dropped. Conversely, as the price of Bitcoin drops, enemies become piss-weak, but loot is more difficult to find.


If you’re interested in letting fake money power your gaming experience, then head on over to Steam for early access.


To be honest though, I feel like I’m done …



And it looks as if Facebook shares these sentiments. The social media giant recently banned all ads related to Bitcoin, citing fears that users may be scammed.


As if, Zuckerberg. You’re just sick of Bitcoin too.


I wonder whether Australia will accept cryptocurrency when we control the arms market.