Culture | , | September 11, 2017

Yesterday, almost 30,000 Sydneysiders proudly marched in support of marriage equality (the largest ever in Australian history) proving to out-of-touch, archaic and bigoted politicians just how willing to join psychically in action we are to fight for what we believe in.


Scott Marsh, one of Sydney’s brightest lights in street art took to the wall of the Redfern cafe Hunter’s Corner to really throw it back in the face of the absolute disgrace that is, none other than Mr Tony Abbott himself.


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Doesn’t Tony just look beautiful in a wedding dress? Wonder how triggered he feels about this subversion of gender norms poking fun at his fragile masculinity. He’d probably cry over it but, oh, ~real~ men don’t cry.


If you live in Sydney, chances are you’ve come across Scott Marsh’s work – he’s no stranger to political statements but the mastermind street artist dabbles in the world of pop culture as well.


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