Cut | , | July 31, 2017


We appreciate the humble Maccas run as one of life’s most simplistic pleasures, but this Canadian invention has taken the experience to a new level.


If you’re able to get to  a McDonald’s in Ashridges Bay, Toronto, you’ll be able to upsize your Big Mac meal with a cup holder with a folding boombox speaker.




Created on the 22nd anniversary of the invention of the McFlurry, Janelle Resch, PhD candidate and entrepreneur at the University of Waterloo said,


“When we changed the shape of the cones of the McBoombox, the difference in sound levels was 50 percent. “When we used the reflective material, you increase the sound level by 43 percent. Inserting your phone increases the sound level by 101 percent.”


Hey, finally scientists are focusing on what really matters.