Cut | March 09, 2018

I read Stephen King’s IT when I was way too God-damn young. I was confused, anxious, and aroused – how the fuck did King get away with all that kid + clown + sex business?


Maybe it was all that coke?


It was a messy mix of emotions for a young kid – I still blame most of my psychological inflictions on King’s novels.


But hey, fads will always come and go. Dad wants me to write a mashup of vampires, magic, and mummy-porn to capitalise on the market and save the family business but … well, it just doesn’t turn me on.


But Dinosaurs? T-rex and his talons? Velociraptor’s rugged skin?


I’ve got a feeling this shit’s here to stay.


The Cut | REDDS | T-REX Troubles


The Cut | REDDS | Mounted by a Gryphen


The Cut | REDDS | Weretiger In Heat


Novelist and visionary Christie Sims is the founder and practitioner of this new genre, Dinosaur Beast Erotica. But she’s not getting  pigeonholed, she’s also written about wargs, centaurs, gryphons and weretigers (what?).


While Sims’ markets herself as an “everyday Midwestern girl”, her inner thoughts are filled with “big, strong, powerful monsters having their way with beautiful maidens.”




User reviews on Amazon have praised Sims’ work as progressive and perhaps ushering in “a new age of literary enlightenment” that could potentially “sell more than the bible”.


The Cut | REDDS | Amazon review


The Cut | REDDS | Amazon review


Now, let’s all listen to these verified sounds from dinosaurs and imagine the possibilities.


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